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Eliminate the inherent noise


The sound system is composed of a plurality of device is constituted, such as microphone, DVD deck, mixer, effect, equalizer, limiter, exciter, electronic frequency divider, power amplifier, speakers, tv media player each device may be noise source. To find out, judging from what noise is produced in one unit, it is necessary to every unit of the inherent noise detection, specific examination procedures are as follows. 

1, open sound system 

Boot sequence is based on signal process sequence sequential open. After starting up, noise in the outgoing speaker. First turn off the wireless microphone receiver power, listening if there is noise if noise disappeared, that noise is caused by the wireless microphone receiver generated: if there is noise, noise is shown not by the wireless microphone receiver generated, can be detected in other unit. 

2, can in turn off other each microphone microphone gain knob
If you close a microphone channel knob, noise disappeared, then can determine the noise is produced this way. If the noise is still, to the detection of other unit. 

3, turn off the DVD machine power, dvd creator observe whether noise disappeared 

If the noise is noise source is lost, the resultant: if there is noise, the noise is not produced therefrom, can continue to detect other unit. 


In 4, closed mixer power switch, listening noise is gone
If the noise disappeared, that noise is generated by mixing console: if the noise is still exists, that is from the other unit generates noise. 

5, can turn on the peripheral equipment shutdown of listening 

Continue to effect processor, exciter, limiter, equalizer, electronic frequency divider, power amplifier, sound feedback suppressor and other peripheral equipment shutdown of listening, observation noise is gone. If you close a unit noise disappeared, that is the unit generates noise. 


In 6, the specific inspection 

Found in the noise generating unit later, you can open the case, on the body structure of specific screening, free video converter detecting circuit board jumper wire, socket and interface, joints are good contact. The components are electrically charged and the charged detection, have repair capacity can be detected faulty or damaged parts. If no repair ability, it is to be replaced with new unit.