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Guard against children " sub health "


November 20th is the " International Children's Day", the UN sponsored the anniversary of the founding of, for the purpose of promoting child protection, welfare and education undertakings. Expert appeal, due to adverse effects of lifestyle, many children are " inferior healthy" status, childhood obesity, myopia, diabetes, the incidence increased significantly. Hospital, family, school, community needed to linkage, and strengthening the management work of children's health.

Hunan Children's Hospital Child Health Institute Professor Zhong Yan think, in real life, many parents and children sick hurry before seeking medical attention, and ignored the child 's daily health care. There are a lot of parents children recognize the importance of health management, but due to the lack of professional knowledge, children's health was not scientific management.

The Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University as Professor Yang said, early childhood health, not only directly affect the growth and health status, can also affect the quality of life of adult life. From childhood to adulthood diseases prevention is very important. Including diabetes, liver cirrhosis, asthma, tuberculosis and other adult period of many diseases in childhood has begun to occur.

" Child health care not only hit vaccination. " Professor Zhong Yan and other experts, modern social life environment is complex, for children, health management is aimed at the different stages of the growth of the health to carry out a full range of monitoring, the first time that child health on the deviation and correct, in order to reduce the occurrence probability of illness.

President of Hunan Children's Hospital Zhu Yimin pediatric experts suggested, the government should increase on children health management attention, hospital, school, family, community as a unit, to vigorously promote the universal child care knowledge, around the child's physical and mental health, enhance physical fitness test and evaluation, from nutrition prescription, exercise prescription, psychological evaluation and mental health prescription, health file management and other aspects, to improve children's physical fitness, body, reduce the risk of mental illness in children. At the same time the parents pay attention to children's dietary nutrition balance, improve children's shape and physical quality, promote the children's physical fitness enhancement.