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Happiness, just a cup of water

Happiness, just a cup of water, indifferent and tasteless, but easy to access, thirsty when, will become sweet.
It is said, happiness is just a feeling, everywhere.
But, if so, why do we often feel it is there? We do our best to find it, get it, they often are covered all over with cuts and bruises hurt?
The world, many people feel unhappy, even some people therefore escape, detest the world and its ways, suicide ... ...
Happiness, it's everywhere?
As a glass of water, indifferent and tasteless, the usual time to taste it, who will think it is sweet and delicious? Who will be satisfied and happy? But when his thirst, and do, and how good a thing, just like a cup of wine, as wine as immortal.
Also, be happy moisture of person, how willing to taste the cup indifferent and tasteless water? People 's desire, often is endless, and the endless desire, will think of the glass of water into a glass of wine, a cup of cola, a cup of tea ... ...
And in this long, happy to be ignored, no longer feel, not to get your heart 's desire, unfortunately, such as spell temporary body.
As for the people, a glass of wine. Mellow wine, or do strong acrid, or is as mild as a sweet wine, but whatever it is, a few cups into the stomach, can the 欲仙欲死, passion unlimited. Even I know, wine, is a chronic poison, will continue to corrupt them, but there will always be people do not think of music.
In our world, the fame and fortune, enjoyed the peak of pleasure, not as for the wine, is also not the cup of plain water into wine?
Colloquialisms, money makes the mare go, right can make one in million people. Even I know, money and fame, too pursuit, will hurt yourself, but how many people can resist this temptation? Knowing is also to be smashed to pieces, like moths to flame. But, this kind of desire, and it will end? In this wealth, rights and desires, we are not satisfied, and everywhere and people compared and found everywhere as people, and its poor life constantly pursuit. Even when the accident near the body, all have free time, happiness is never comes, this life, always unhappy. Even, in order to satisfy the desire, use unscrupulous divisive tactics, fling caution to the winds, finally yoke pro, too late to regret.
Rather, the water becomes coke, because we have faith, has been the pursuit of.