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Inverter motor


Future energy-saving industrial boiler furnace, motor system energy saving, waste heat and pressure recovery and utilization will be the key areas of industrial energy conservation.

Industrial energy consumption accounted for a relatively high, so it is always the focus of energy-saving. At present, the structure of energy-saving space gradually narrowed, energy-saving technology more timeliness teco dc motor speed control.

According to estimates, the future demand for 130000 units of industrial boiler. Calcium carbide, alloy and three iron and steel industry furnace energy saving renovation market over 30000000000 yuan. Residual heat and pressure recovery, the two industry of our country's waste heat power generation technology is mature and wide application range for cement and glass industry. It is expected that by 2015, domestic cement industry is still needed in waste heat power plant approximately 770 production lines, the glass industry is still needed in waste heat power production lines about 210.

Aspects of energy-saving motor system, the high efficiency motors in China use rate is still low, high efficiency motors accounts for only about 1% of the total sales volume of motor, has a larger space for development. The inverter market in recent years also grew rapidly, the low and medium-voltage inverter market in a compound annual growth rate of 18%, the high-voltage inverter market compound annual growth rate of 40% gear motor.

Machine tool automation degree, have an important impact on the performance of machine speed, precision, has also become an important factor to distinguish the machine level. Automation of advanced technologies and products, will undoubtedly become the important direction of machine tool manufacturing industry transformation and seek the development potential, will be in this kind of change has been highlighted. These technologies mature, also continue to promote the machine performance.

In the machine tool products, especially high-end machine, automation technology and products almost to control mechanism, from the actuator to various parts of measurement and feedback mechanism, and the application in machine tools and machine tool production line automation products, almost all in place bring forth the new through the old change 48 volt dc motor products.

In this regard, automation technology trends have shown many frontier. For example, the application of linear motor, torque motor is a good example of. Mazak, Mori Seiki Longmen rail most specifications are not rolling guide, instead of linear motor, THK linear motor in 3000N under load, has been able to reach the speed of 720m/min, it can not be said to be a breakthrough. The torque motor previously only used in small machine tools, can now be applied to more and more large size machine tool brushless motor manufacturer.