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Investment in public utilities


According to the World Bank report formulation, the city is the core of modern economy, if you believe that economic growth is to improve people 's quality of life, reduce the number of poor people, so, economic development is the focus of the development of city. Of course, this is not to say not to rural investment, on the contrary, dab6f21ck should be adopted to promote development of city of rural population to the city two or three industrial transfer, in economic growth on the basis of the rural financing, it is sustainable.

Even to the rural investment also distinguish to where. In stimulating domestic demand under the slogan, many building materials used to encourage farmers in rural housing subsidies, the problem is, why not china company formation apply the same subsidies for farmers after the rent? In addition, with its subsidy to build a house in the country, not to spend money on rural education and health. With the city growing farmers, after the house is built is not going to bring, and education and health is a man where to go.

A city is a big trend, for farmers education investment should be the priority among priorities. If this does early attention, then, the future Chinese industry to further upgrade will face a labor skills to restrict. Another slightly optimistic about the possibility of bad, that is, a part of educated labour force to be able to keep up with the pace that the industry upgrades, and the farmer next generation does not follow to go up however, as a result, the social income gap will be expanded.

The city school ( especially high school and vocational school ) investment should be strengthened, not hesitate. In the current household registration system, has rich resources of higher education in the city residents to enjoy more higher education access, not willing to let the foreign population share. The joint is the consequence of, education in the high school stage, immigrants also cannot be equal educational rights. In the current household registration system, some immigrants and their children are highly mobile, to the management of the school is to cause some trouble, however, the future Chinese city population 's overall growth in big city, population growth will be greater. With the gradual reform of the household registration system, the immigrants settled in the long-term ratio will increase. See this trend, the correct policy should be to make the rural town of immigrants and their offspring in the city to accept the education and skills training, to prevent them in the future industrial upgrading process left behind.

Another to strengthen the investment of social security. But I'm not social security "level", but the coverage of social security " ". Current, in expanding the coverage of social security under the background of truly become blind, or groups of migrant workers. In order to old-age security as an example, in the country as a whole has not yet been achieved, personal account is still not inter-provincial carrying case for migrant workers, if failed in a continuous 15 year pay social insurance, then, leaving in its place, Hong Kong company formation he can only take one the money in the account, and the employer to pay part can only stay in the local. The result, a large number of migrant workers would not sign a labour contract, with a relatively higher cash income, also is not willing to take a relatively low cash income and social security. Enterprises are willing to this, because of the latter's total cost more. On the surface, both to the satisfaction of all, the result is to migrant workers, mainly of city immigrant community needs for future risk and savings, the consumer will be restricted. Once the risk ( such as illness ), city immigrant groups spending will increase because of no social security, and other consumption is the corresponding extrusion.