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Let it go

In life we care too much, often to high official positions and riches, to the future, in order to many unrealistic things, let us progress seems to be a lot of heavy. These burdens, these
Burdens we breath, too much about the gain and loss, and thus let us be mentally and physically exhausted. The mother said: " you is not without ability this burden, are you afraid of falling, dirty clothes
Clothing, inattention. Take off your coat and shoes and socks, threw the extra worries. " Clothing and footwear became labor concerns, appears to be simple, in fact contains a lot of philosophy of life.
When we integrate into the social reality of the time, find that there are many scruples and numerous temptations, these are affecting us, even become forward burden. Want to be successful, to make achievements, come up with
Ruck ... ... All, all, all around these concerns, these concerns may become a stumbling block, slow speed, also lost direction.
Let it go, eliminate selfish ideas and personal considerations, to go to the battle-front without any burden. No way, no burden, the pace of progress is relaxed, physical and mental relaxation, body will be full of strength. Misgivings,
The trick will be bound, action will be restricted, it is difficult to have bold action, not to mention the harvest.
Let it go, is a kind of gain and loss of choice. Put down the unrealistic idea, abandon the original intention of fickleness and worry about personal gains and losses, choosing the right direction proceed without hesitation and forward, is a kind of courage, it is a
Kind of mind. When the fear of being put down, the rest is dynamic. The power harvest things far beyond our imagination.
Let it go, for life is the new fixed position of the target. Life trifling, often around our subtle ideas, these ideas will change the life path, this is the stubborn concerns.
When all these concerns, the goal of life will make the choice, the development of the individual will have a find everything fresh and new repositioning, choose to previous concerns is negative, but also on the new order
Standard revision.
Heart fear once laid down, eyes suddenly filled with bright. Sometimes, it is because these concerns were blinded, is anxious and helpless. Now, without inner concerns, front
The direction is clear, the road smooth. For our purposes, all of this, is so precious.