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Please take care of my husband

There is a kind of phenomenon, slightly to some found: older people, many with only one woman, a man than a woman had died many years.
We are late in life, no matter how old, no matter how physical state, as long as the husband always accompany you, even if live eighty, live ninety, live one hundred, you will not feel sad and lonely.
Even if the end of the year, couples with, the day watch TV read newspapers listen to the radio, will travel together to the good friend home to chat, go to the garden and lawn walk, the joy, the proud, in fact, is the number of children are no substitute for. Is anyone can not be replaced.
Moreover, now people, mostly also can have only one child?
According to general understanding, strong men than women, women procreate, certainly the body as a man. But, why many people, mostly husband left old wife go first?
In fact, man, not like a woman that 's so strong. They are strong, because their life experience all of humiliation, frustration, pain, loss, depression, life stress and life of heavy, all this in his own heart, not willing to speak out, refused to show it.
While all of these bear in the heart of the emotion, in fact, all as a " computer virus " to the final result is accumulated, crash, crash.
Why men were drinking? Why is smoking? Why meditate?
More reasons, in fact, is he has accumulated too much virus. Just because he is a man, he could not easily shed tears, but not easy to tell people. He will be in his wife, in children, parents in the face to make the tough guy image.
And the woman, but the habit even a little bit aggrieved, will give her husband, to parents, to the sisters, to friends, the woman virus does not collect. She will be in every time to talk and tears, clearing all net.
While human, almost all of the disease, the reason is that the more one. Therefore, emotional love vent noise out of the woman, often to long life. And the man, but before his wife died.
How to let the husband as possible to live longer, as far as possible, to accompany you to the old?
From now on, immediate action!
So, you should proceed to do something about it?
One, when the husband returned home, as far as possible for him to create a warm and relaxed environment. In fact, no important guests, why need to drag to maintain one's original pure character? Why do we have to wash clothes then? Why do you want to take this home leisure time to relax, get two people closely faces? While the husband and wife two, argue pointlessly time, much housework.
In two, when the husband outside the unhappy, even if he doesn't say, you should also be possible to perceive, by loving and caring side of him, gave him a drink, a drink, telling humorous jokes, to transfer his unhappiness, then I found.
If he does not want to tell you, don't even want to mention, you must not continue to ask. He is badly wound, at this time, man is the habit of their own licking wounds. All you can do is a word: love! Considerate. Tender. Although this may not be able to resolve his inner stasis and wound, but will be analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents.
If he wants to say, then, whatever he say what it is, you can't complain about him at this time. You can do, is to enlighten and grooming him to transfer bad mood.