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Spirit in the sky


Have a friend, encounters the setback in life. His father 's death, frustrated, husband and wife quarrel, heavy blow he unfortunately suffering from schizophrenia. It was fully satisfied or contented a success, all of a sudden mental disorders, even the normal work can not, how is sadly sign?

There is also a former colleagues, husband Xiaoyouchengjiu, child achievement is outstanding, in the eyes of others, she is so happy. She is a perfect man, always feel that life is unsatisfactory, and later was suffering from mental depression killed Dutch act. For relatives to pain, also left to the people of heavy thinking.

Ordinary people, Chinese and foreign celebrities Depression led to the Dutch act. Also it is often seen. Psychological disorders like the invisible man lurking in their hearts, a trigger, such as a burst of water bottles, " bang", be smashed to pieces, get out of hand. Lake, Van Gogh, Leslie Cheung, Chen Lin and other stars fall, all without exception to our deep regret. Let us have to sigh, spirit was so fragile, bear the weight of life!

In fact, the body of a person like the earth, is the carrier of life, fertile land, will have all the thriving; spirit like blue sky, the sky clarity, will have a red and white clouds, long yuet. No earth thick, life is not at all clear, there is no sky, life without soul. If the sky is clear and bright., the earth would all date; if the earth -- lose one's temper, easy occurrence of earthquake and tsunami. Heaven and earth are complementary, spirit and body is the same. But the people in the life of multiple physical exercise, and spiritual washing.

Inferiority, jealousy, resentment, anger, despair and pessimism is sometimes like clouds, clouds in our spirit in the sky, if not removed, will be sullen, gray, do not see a sunny day. So there will always see unhappy people, they blame everyone and everything but not oneself, at work to find fun, in the family could not find happiness. Always see them frowned, bitter face, heave great sighs, feel depressed.

On the contrary, some people regardless of how the environment, they are always happy. Confident, optimistic, tolerant, kind-hearted, and other positive factors like sun moon star shining on their spirit in the sky. So we 'll see a shining smile. As a pleasurable occupation person, always infect the others happy.

Nine in ten most things in life, how to dispel the shadows, but also spiritual sky clarity?