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The historical stage of the product


Here said the "right" means the authority, is refers to the political and coercive force, is the development of human society to a certain historical stage of the product, execute to human control and regulation.

Power is colorless and tasteless, but it restrict and regulate human behavior, born with mandatory and inequality, it is born to be wrapped dba2a02ek with strong political color, naturally attract thousands of people prostrate oneself in worship. Power is shapeless, but its powerful functions and role, can be the realization of self-worth and tools, the chaser eyes is flirtatious, distinguished air of elegance and coquetry. So, from the power of the date of birth, it has attracted thousands of Chester to contend for grab advance wave upon wave.

Because of the power of infinite charm, for the cause of human nature is the most intense power struggle, and the history of human development is actually a wonderful long power struggle history. Such as Chinese history, Li Si, Zhao Ling Gaoping coup, straightening the Xuanwu Gate, Chenqiao mutiny, free of change and a series of coups, which is representative of the classic struggle for power. In the feudal society, the highest power struggle is bloody pronoun. Like the Xuanwu Gate change, Li Shimin for the imperial power, the brothers ' father and son against mutiny; Chen, Zhao Kuangyin in order to be acclaimed emperor, I Shun prosperous against me dead, leading to shed blood like water. In the chaos, for one party rule, feudal rule, warlord battle, go organize storage plunge the people into misery and suffering, so that the people are destitute. And a time of peace, the power struggle has become full of tender feelings veil, surface quiet, secretly is surging undercurrent. Has heard a deputy unable to hold oneself back to positive and hired homicide at. Visible power struggle with a total blood smell.

Of course, as many mortal and power struggles not explicitly or implicitly, naturally does not touch the smell of blood. As many people only see the right field amidst the winds of change, the power of the turnover indulge in elaborating on the doings of the authorities, be overcritical. While the power for its authoritative, practical and utilitarian, the people's eyes have different opinions and views.

Someone says, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Someone says, the power is a kind of medicine to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, who, in the invisible abusers.

Someone says, the power is a double-edged sword, if used to work for the welfare of the people, not to say. But also can benefit one party; if used to meet in private, will be people spit on.

On the understanding of power is each according to his lights.

I want to say, power is inspiring touchstone. When you have people scramble for power, to follow around, effectiveness, speak sugared words death allegiance; someone at a distance, only when you forget oneself, in time for your present home truths, timely give you pour of. When you fall by authority, who edged away and a fear of contamination and, the unlucky, someone even to maltreat an injured person, when you fell down and step on your foot; others in your time of need you up with you a lift, someone in the stormy when sending you a cover wind and rain umbrella. At this time, the world is not good and evil, people from all. So the authorities must always remain sober-minded, peak in power do not think they have much personality courage, attract so many people on your prostrate oneself in worship, it is the power of the magnetic field generated by gravity, gather together the person is angry. In Vanity Fair was the snobbish animal, when you have the right to a certain value, they fall over each other to reunite; when power no longer has, they will be as the tide receded in succession. So some people say: " right field such as city, Xing, who both poly; city decline, they abandon. "

Of course, the power is a steelyard, can weigh out the character of the high and low. Some people hold the authority, in the right do not expire ideas, their personal interests first, philander, do as one pleases, regardless of social justice moral, regardless of national interests of the people. The power that has become the most convenient ways to open the master key; to endanger a society, the scourge of the weapon. Of course, these people are often the power did not play to enjoy, you have fallen down, only left a world title. While some people in their position, seek its politics thought, allow for the official, benefit one party. They stand on solid ground on a clear blue sky over my head, for the welfare of the people, for the harmonious development of society, for the country's long period of stability, dedicated to. Power they have become evil, to benefit the people of the tool, the person with noble personality charm forever in the hearts of the people, these people with their immortal feats of shining annals of history. It is due to the high and low power natural character, reveal the different role and function.

In fact, in the final analysis, power is in the service of human, human society is the inevitable means to maintain operation. In the feudal society power is mainly serves for the ruling class, is the ruling class to enslave labor people and tools. And the development of human society to a high level of civilization today, the power is for the broad masses of the people, it is a kind of trust, a kind of responsibility, a kind of dedication, a constraint. As policymakers must abandon those remnants of feudal dross, to the spirit of the party for the public, governing for the people the idea, to the social side of tranquility and peace, give people peace and happiness, let justice with the sun shining on every inch of land.