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Tips for before


1 when you first received an interview, try to meet the whole week ( five days ) after. You may be more earlier in the interview in order to " get things done ". Please do not succumb to this instinct, because you need time to prepare for your interview. ( of course, if the interviewer to an earlier date, please kindly accept. )

2 preparations. The Internet search company and every article about. Don't just read the articles, and research, careful analysis of their. Based on the information you have mining, making a piece of your own, to the company the main list of questions " ".

Study 3 was deeper and wider. Find the company's Web site, access the company's previous report, review them, like be personally on the scene. Purchase of business publications in this field, understand the company's peers the doings. Be sure to add some competitors information in the list of your problem, ready for you to ask questions in the interview.

4 from the company to find anything you can get in touch with the people, and from whom mining some of you coming interview helpful information. Inquire about the company's recent activities; identify the management structure of the company; find out the interviewer in the position of the company. If you don't know anyone in the company, so please get to know you, counterparts in the people, get the news from them. To go out at night and they drink, if necessary, Serach jobs please them to eat meal. Don't ignore this important step!

5 write down your goals. Not so easy to get to work, you might ask? Yes, of course, if I do well. According to the way the company to write down your goals. " My goal is to become the Deputy Minister ADR Customer Liaison Department, I hope to get the annual salary of * * *, * * * (through your investigation, to the company you will know the ideal wage level).

6 in an interview before the predetermined what you wear clothing. This can avoid to make tough decisions you till the last minute. Make sure your clothes are already in place, and they require for the job. Wait until the day of the interview, to shower, brush my teeth, clean nails and hair. With a roll of fresh mint in the side, dba2a03dk to make provision against a rainy day.

7 the 15 hours before the interview, please stop learning, try to relax yourself. If you like, yoga or listen to your liking. Please don't drink coffee, to ensure that you can have a good sleep.

At this point you can think of themselves as the world's best prepared to job seekers, use your wisdom and charm that important interview fun.