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To be successful, the first success

No doubt, everyone wants their own success.
In reality, most of people like me, not the two rich generation, not the official two generation, out of school, working to find their own. Then interrupts in a relatively good job, begin to fall in love, to talk about the future ... ... Such is life day by day.
I really don't want this mediocre life. I dream of success. But I realize soberly, to succeed, to become. Of course, I say it is not a highly educated, but to adapt to the social survival skills. You graduated from technical secondary school or university graduate, or vocational school, read it, as long as diligent, study, use to win is to become.
I just graduated from technical secondary school, walk out of the school gate and headed for Shenzhen. Shenzhen is the southern gate, the door is always open for you. It is this piece is gold everywhere place, I underachievement, hanging out more than a year. Degree is not high, not much experience to mixed management, result one can imagine, excitedly, his back.
Because there was no more money for me to continue studying, so I chose to learn driving skills, get a driver's license, apply to the home of a thermal power plant Department of transportation transport coal cinder. Days like this, not warm not fire, not tired is not easy. But wage workers is much higher than ordinary. Ministry of transport of many colleagues satisfied this tepid life, each computer that their 99, successively in love get married soon. And I? Mixed management daydream also do. I work, went to the Department of transportation auto repair shop to help, this live, dirty and tired, sweat and waste oil mixed together, tired even a clean bed can not find.
For a long time, many people laugh at my silly. But I didn't mind, because I soon found, auto repair mostly live, also very refine on, car works very complex. At that time, I wholeheartedly want to, I have to get through the large car mechanical understand, is the real driver, or at best is a machinery operator.
A little careless, and I can contact to the vehicle fine position when no more. I know, repair shop to repair the engine, circuit, transmission repair workers only then one or two people, other people are not eligible for repair. After all, everything has to be reassembled, careless not.
However, our cultural foundation, a lot of things one can remember, try a few times to understand. Even I have never tried anything, I dare to try, not afraid of failure, not laughed at. Until now, I still thought that, in this way life attitude.
I will venture to the repair shop teacher Fu before I put forward my own suggestions. So I often let peer sit up and take notice. Once a day, the transport team's car broke down on the freeway, everybody is very urgent, repair shop repairman also soon arrived, everybody cannot think of a good way to quickly fix the car, open highway. You know, highway parking timeout is fine, serious also seized. The car broke down because the rear brake to lift, that is to say the rear brake system is broken. The brake system for detecting a times, also did not find the crux of the problem. At this time, I suddenly remembered, car rear brake is controlled by a circuit, so I suggest detection circuit system. My suggestion is correct, it is broken electric brake, brake air valve cannot open.
After that, I got Department of transportation trust has also been a repair shop for trust. I almost mastered all components working principle and fault treatment.